How Can You Help? Forest Plan Revision Going Strong for Manti-La Sal National Forest


Creating a new forest plan can be a daunting task. Members of the Manti-La Sal National Forest Forest Plan Revision Team have taken that challenge and brought one of the early phases to Price Tuesday evening.

One of the first steps for the revision took place in July when team members traveled to various locations across Utah near the Manti-La Sal National Forest to host open houses where the public could come and voice their opinion on a variety of subjects touching the forest.

The forest plan, which is a requirement for each forest after the passing of the National Forest Management Act in 1976, highlights and provides assistance in such issues as land and resource management as well as highlights the various uses of the land.

Following the first series of open houses, a total of 15 assessment topics were created dealing with the forest’s ecological sustainability and diversity as well as its social and economic sustainability and multiple uses, according to information provided at the event.

A variety of displays at the event gave those in attendance a chance to learn more about the 15 assessment topics that ranged from a baseline assessment of carbon stocks to the matter of tribal significant areas. At such displays and throughout the occasion, the public was given the chance to voice its opinion and take surveys geared toward keeping public mindset in mind.

Also at the open house was information devoted to the Region 4 Wilderness Evaluation Process. The process, which is applied to various lands undergoing a forest plan revision, includes the identifying and evaluating of terrain that may be deemed as “Wilderness” and be included in the National Wilderness Preservation System, according to information provided.

The first step of the former evaluation, termed “inventory,” similarly requires public comment and correction on areas that are being considered. Throughout the four-phase event, much land is excused from the final product and public comment is appreciated throughout the entire process.

Interested parties may visit the team’s website at to view information provided at the event or to participate in surveys and learn more about the forest plan revision process. Public may also visit the team’s Facebook page, Manti-La Sal National Forest, or their Twitter: @ml_nf.

For questions, interested persons may call (435) 636-3508 or email the team at

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