Human Resource Director Honored at Price City Council Meeting


Price City Human Resource Director John Daniels was honored by council members for his work with the Trust Accountability Program (TAP) at a meeting on Wednesday evening.

TAP provides recognition to Trust members that implement loss prevention best practices through a safety committee, sewer manhole inspection, driver qualification standards and much more. Daniels had to complete a process, documenting that Price City fulfilled each of these categories before submitting the TAP application.

“I don’t know that John Daniels sleeps much, but I think he’s always trying to improve somebody’s life,” mayor Joe Piccolo said. “This reward isn’t just for you but the role of leadership and pushing Price City forward. That’s a long process. And I want you to be recognized because somebody has to start the engine.”

Daniels was presented with a plaque courtesy of the Price City Council. Daniels and the council also praised all Price City employees that worked to fulfill the requirements for TAP.

“If there’s ever something that takes a group effort, it is this,” Daniels explained. “I especially would like you to join me in thanking all of our employees that work hard every day to serve our citizens.”



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