Jalynn Hunt: A Success Story


Jalynn Gold Hunt is a 49-year-old student in Utah State University – Eastern Cosmetology’s department who was born in Colorado and moved to Price because she wanted to have a career of her own.

“I was tired of depending on a man to bring in money,” said Hunt. In 2009 Hunt became an independent women. She enrolled in the nail program at USU-Eastern and received her license after one year.

After completing the nail program, Debra Prichard asked her if she want to further her skills. That is when Hunt decided to enroll in cosmetology.

Hunt said that she occasionally thinks that she should just stick to nails; however, she really likes the experiences that she has had while attending the cosmetology program.

“I have been doing nails sinse before you needed a license, so it was easy for me,” Hunt said. “The hard part was all the science that I had to learn. I feel like a doctor that can do nails and cut hair.”

Hunt was referring to the curriculum in which students learned about skin and nail diseases. They also learn anatomy and all the different muscle groups.

Hunt took first place in this year’s True To The Look competition after making over her mother from head to toe. The competition measured the skill level of the cosmetology students.

Hunt gave some advice for older women that were thinking about going back to school.

“If you want to make a living and not worry about how you will support yourself if you don’t have a man, go back to school and take the classes that you have always wanted to,” She said. “It will be hard, but when you finish, all the schooling will be worth it.”

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