Hunter Education Course Offered Online


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Press Release

An online hunter education course is being offered for Castle Country residents in February. Participants will be able to complete the course and receive certification in time to apply for the big game hunts this fall.

Hunter education is required for all persons born after 1965. There is no minimum age for taking the course. The cost is $7 which covers range fees at the North Springs Shooting Range. Interested persons must pre-register by calling either Carl Gramlich at (435) 299-9474 or Dale Harbor at (435) 650-1337.

Further information about hunter education can be found by visiting the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website at

Although several online hunter education courses can be found on the Internet, students must use the course specified on the Utah Hunter Education website.

The biggest advantage of an online course is that students can study course materials at their own convenience. Completion of online course material is followed by a day of personal instruction and shooting qualification, which will be on Saturday, Feb. 22.

On that day, students will meet at 9 a.m. in the U.S. Forest Service office in Price at 599 West Price River Drive. Instructors will train students in gun safety, ethics and hunting laws, followed by a qualification shoot at the North Springs Shooting Range that completes the course.

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