*UPDATED* Huntington Canyon Re-Opens Following Avalanche


Photo courtesy of the Emery County Sheriff’s Office.

On Tuesday morning, the Emery County Sheriff’s Office released a statement regarding the recent closure of Huntington Canyon.

The statement informed all that SR31 through Huntington Canyon would remain closed for the day due to an avalanche that had taken place on Monday. The Utah Department of Transportation advised that before any clean-up efforts could begin, further avalanche danger needed to be assessed.

Per the statement, it was estimated that the avalanche was 200+ yards wide. On the side of Emery County, SR31 is closed beginning at the intersection of Crandall Canyon Mine and running just below Electric Lake.

However, although initial reports stated that the canyon would remain closed for the duration of the day on Feb. 19, at approximately 2 p.m. the office released a follow-up statement stating the canyon is now open for travels.

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