Huntington City Adjusts Budget for Needed Projects


By Julie Johansen

Following the opening of the Huntington City Council Meeting on Wednesday, a motion to open a public hearing was entertained by the mayor. The purpose of the public hearing was to hear input and discussion about adjusting the 2020-2021 budget for Huntington City.

After receiving the third installment of the CARES Act funding, the council felt that budget items and projects needed to be considered. Several areas of the budget were adjusted, including utility funds, capital projects, parks and recreation, public improvements, public safety, perpetual care and the general budget. Most of these budgets will be increased.

There were no concerns or issues raised by the public or council. However, the mayor commented that they need to keep an eye on the budget and be frugal while doing the projects within the city. Returning to the regular meeting of the council, a resolution, 2-2021, was adopted to adjust the budget.

Another public hearing was then opened to consider the Urban Deer Program that council member Leesa Miller prepared for the council’s review. She stated that she feels that there is little concern for this in the city, but she was fulfilling an assignment. Miller read the parameters of the program and gave each council member a copy for review. It was decided that the council will review this document and address it again at next month’s meeting. The mayor felt that it could be beneficial to have the program in place in case it becomes needed in the future.

The mayor then presented a map for consideration of the council. The map showed a small parcel of land owned by the city in the middle of Glen Nelson’s property. The Howards, the previous owners of the property, deeded this to Huntington City for water tank storage many years ago. This is no longer utilized by the city, so consideration of giving it back was discussed. It was decided that the mayor would talk to the Castle Valley Special Service District and then a decision could be made at the next meeting. This agenda item was then tabled.

City recorder Jenene Hansen next reported that all members of the council have read and studied the Open and Public Meeting Act as well as the Annual Policy. These have been signed and filed for future reference.

Zoning administrator Gary Arrington reported that he reviewed Chapter 5 and 6 of the policy manual and, with the help of the recorder, made changes to update it. These changes were approved by the council and an ordinance will be ready for approval at the next council meeting.

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