Huntington City and Emery County to Talk About Old Huntington Fire House


Since Huntington City finished its new fire station a few months back, the old fire house has sat unused and now, it seems, it has a plan for it.

Huntington City has debated on a plan for the old fire house for a couple months now. In June, the city council decided to place an ad in the paper to sell it outright. Mayor Hilary Gordon explained to other council members on July 18 of a potential plan for Emery County to either purchase the old building for an alleged parking lot or engage in a land swap of the current property.

“I just put it on the agenda so that you knew why it wasn’t in the paper,” Gordon said to otherВ council membersВ during the July 18 city council meeting. “I think we should see what they want, and what ideas they have in their heads.”

Some council members weren’s as keen on the idea as Gordon.

“I would like to see it put to good use,” said Councilman Mark Justice. “The county using it for a parking lot concerns me.”

Huntington City resident Gary Arrington spoke on behalf of other residents who live near the old fire house and were bothered by the inherent noises and sights of a community fire station.

“If you do sell it a parking lot would be ideal,” he said.

Councilman Travis Larsen is looking for just one item in any proposed deal.

“We want money from it and not a land swap,” he said. “It has no sentimental value to me.”

Mayor Gordon has yet to speak to Emery County officials on the proposed sale or land swap.

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