Huntington City Announces Changes to Heritage Days Celebration


By Julie Johansen

It was with a heavy heart that the Huntington City Council decided during its May meeting that the majority of events scheduled for their annual Heritage Days will be cancelled; however, a bigger and better fireworks show will be planned. A number of other small games are also being considered but to follow the health department recommendations, the rodeo, dance and other activities are postponed until 2021.

Two public hearings were also held during the council’s May meeting. The first was to receive comment on adjusting the budget to move funds from utilities to the general fund. It was explained that this transfer is necessary to meet the expected shortfall due to the COIVD-19 pandemic and the drop in sales tax. A citizen questioned what if it doesn’t become necessary and the council replied then it can be transferred back. The hearing was closed and the motion to make the transfer will be on the agenda in June.

The second hearing was to consider adding an administration fee for the use of cards to pay utility bills at the city office. It was decided rather than charging a percentage to just add $1 fee to each resident’s bill, which will result in no additional charge for the use of a card. This will become effective in the beginning of the fiscal year, which is July 1. A tentative budget for 2020-21 was also approved by the council.

Next discussed was Resolution 10-2020, which will streamline the city’s employee’s life insurance policies, stating that the city will pay the first $10 and the insured will cover the remainder. Resolution 11-2020 was then brought to the table, which will include Huntington City in the boundaries of the Emery County EMS Special Service District.

A resolution also passed to allow for a notice to be published in the newspaper for unclaimed cemetery lots that were purchased between 1885 and 1934. Some of these plots are listed as perpetual care and others have unpaid fees. The notices will be published for three weeks, listing the plots and giving people a chance to claim them. All resolutions passed unanimously.

During the council reports at the conclusion of the meeting, Thomas Kay presented Chase Majors with the fire chief badge from Huntington City.

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