Huntington City Approves Purchases, Adjusts Fines and Fees


By Julie Johansen

At the Huntington City Council meeting on Wednesday, Duane Collard addressed the council during the citizen comment period to ask about curb and gutter in front of his home on Fourth West. The mayor responded that improvements would take place next year.

Collard’s street was on the improvement schedule last year, but additional engineering was needed as the street has a slope on both sides that needed work before the curb and gutter could be installed. Collard thanked the council as he has been through multiple administrations requesting these services.

Michelle Anderson, treasurer of Wee Bit Wicked, asked the council for a donation as well as the use of the city park, including power for lights, for their celebration on Oct. 2. The council granted a donation of $150 and the use of the city park along with the power.

A resolution was then passed to enact the contract with Emery Sanitation that was approved at last month’s meeting. Next, a partnership with Rocky Mountain Power to utilize its grant program, which will pay 75% of the replacement with LED lights at the fire house, city shop and light poles at the arena, was also approved. The city’s share will only be about $1,000 and Rocky Mountain Power will do all the replacement work.

A discussion of using CARES Act funding to purchase a power washer was the next item on the agenda. Three bids were presented and the low bid of $18,000 from Royce Industries was approved. A new truck will also be purchased from Ken Garff to be used as a snow plow and a dump truck. The old trucks will be auctioned off.

The council next approved Echles Paving to do the chip seal on the cemetery parking lot. Resolution 22-2020 was also approved, which raises the fees and fines for infractions in the dog ordinances. This raises the fines by $100 for each infraction. The audit committee presented their adjustment policy and the council approved it.

Chase Majors, Huntington Fire Chief, presented a report to the council about the recent Regional Fire School in Huntington, mentioning all the positive reports following the training. He also announced that the fall burn window is closed statewide until further notice.

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