Huntington City Council Discusses a Multitude of Issues

By Sara Price

There were no major issues needing to be addressed during the Huntington City Council meeting last week, though many items were on the agenda.

Council members welcomes Pacee Allred’s business into Huntington by granting a business license. They also supported the USU Eastern scholarship golf tournament with a $150 donation. This scholarship goes to an Emery High graduate and helps pay for his/her tuition.

Trees that have been causing problems around city hall will soon be removed. Roots have burrowed into the sewer beneath the foundation and council members have received permission from the landowner to have them removed. Council members had originally sought at least two bids for the project given the cost. However, only one bid was submitted and council members will move forward if another bid is not placed.

Resident Steve Stream informed the council about a Huntington drainage problem. There have been instances of water running from the gutter into his garage. Council members promised they would discuss the issue with Castle Valley Special Service District to see what can be done.

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