Huntington City Council Discusses Change at Monthly Meeting


The Huntington City Council hosted its monthly meeting Wednesday to cover issues and policies the city is currently facing.

The council discussed the possibilities for improving the Huntington City Park. Initially, it was proposed to tear down the old city hall building and replace it with a new building in addition to improving the current parking and restroom facilities. This project was estimated to cost $1.2 million.

Several citizens in attendance stood and expressed their opinions on the matter. The general consensus from the public who attended was that it is unnecessary to replace the existing building, let alone tear it down.

After further discussion, the council agreed with the comments and decided to wait on demolishing the historic city hall. Instead, they will apply for a grant from the Community Impact Board to improve the restrooms and spruce up the park.

Mayor Hilary Gordon expressed her appreciation of the public attending the meeting.

“So many times when big financial decisions are to be made for the city, we do not have input, so I’m very grateful,” Gordon said. “That’s why we open these issues up so the public can speak.”

The other hot button issue discussed at the meeting was several citizens’ concerns about the new stoplight the city recently installed on Main Street.

Estelle Grange, who has been a crossing guard at the intersection for 19 years, expressed her fear for the children who cross the road there and wants to make sure drivers are complying with traffic light laws.

The council agreed with the comments and other remarks that the county should share some responsibility in enforcing proper use of the light by having a patrol car stationed near the light before and after school.

Another citizen claimed that the light has already sparked a change in the way semi-trucks are driving down Main Street. She said she sees this as a transitional period and people just need time to adjust to the new changes.


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