Huntington City Council Discusses Concerns About Traffic Light


By Lexie Huntington

Huntington’s City Council met on Wednesday for a regular meeting. Discussed at the meeting was a new application they are working on towards the Junior High. They are closer to having their application done this month than last month, even hope to get it done within the next day or two.  It is an ongoing project because they need a sidewalk for the kids’ safety.  Around some of turns at the Junior High the cars can’t see the kids, and the kids can’t see the cars.

Shelby Murdock, Miss Emery County’s Outstanding Teen has requested a donation for a pageant she will be attending.  The city will be donating $75 in her behalf. 

There have been concerns from citizens about the traffic light on Main Street.  They have asked the men in charge of the light to put arrows on the street.  They wanted a straight arrow and a turning arrow, but they were only able to get a turning arrow. It is going to take some adjusting for people, but they are already using the lane better.

The Council announced that the fair next year will be June 9, 10, and 11, the same time as the rodeo.  Most of the people that decided June instead of August were quite excited.  Castle Dale has a new website at and their theme this year is tourism.

“Change is good.  Sometimes change is wonderful” – Mayor Julie Jones

Now that it is September, the city council has asked to start watering less.   

The next youth city council meeting will be Thursday September 24, and Travis Fehlberg will be in charge of the service project. 

Huntington city now has a new website if you go to and there you can look at details about the town, make payments, see agendas, and much more. 

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