Huntington City Council Discusses Tourism Efforts and Changes in Policies


At the Huntington City Council meeting on Wednesday, council members talked about the tourism effort that has commenced throughout Emery County. As part of this effort, surveys are being conducted throughout the county by each town. These surveys, consisting of nine questions, will allow the residents to give their input. To access this survey for Huntington, follow this link: Huntington locals were also invited and encouraged to post on and be a part of the Huntington Happenings Facebook page.

Among the other topics discussed were policy changes for the Huntington Cemetery. An excess of, as councilman Jerry Livingston called them, “whirligigs,” have created difficulties for the groundskeepers. While nothing was finalized, the council discussed the possibility of enforcing a two-week window for decorations with each major holiday.

Also on the agenda, the city council went over an ordinance to promote water use efficiency in Huntington City. This ordinance will help with the watershed. As Councilman Laneea Cowley reported, the city is “not in trouble, but not out of the woods yet.” An ordinance regarding business licenses was also modified to simplify the process of payment.

In the closing remarks of the council, new businesses in the area were discussed. Conductive Composites in Cleveland and the Dollar Store in Huntington will both be opening in the near future. The oil refinery in Green River is also still a go. These businesses will be a great asset to the county.


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