Huntington City Council Discusses Winter Plans


Julie Johansen

As there were no public comments to open the Huntington City Council meeting on Wednesday evening, the meeting began with Zoning Administrator Gary Arrington presenting the council with a new business license application from Lane Larsen of Arrowhead Construction. Larsen failed to renew his business license last year, prompting the need to apply for a new license this year. The council questioned if there were any fees attached because of the lapse in a license, to which Arrington stated that the ordinance does not require that. The business license was approved unanimously.

Eagle Scout candidate McKay Sitterud requested permission to create and place benches at the city cemetery for his Eagle project. He presented the council with three choices and the council welcomed his desire to enhance the cemetery. Council members told the young man he was “good to go.”

Stuart Clason, Utah Association of Counties economic consultant, requested the city enter into a contract to establish a reinvestment agency at the cost of $7,500 to assist with projects in and around the city. Clason said he would like to have the opportunity to work with Huntington City. He advised the council that it would have to create a new legislative body to govern as well as an ordinance to establish the Huntington Reinvestment Agency. Clason then stated that he would be happy to help the staff and council organize and adopt the ordinance. He received a unanimous affirmative vote.

Next, Resolution 15-2019 regarding the council meeting schedule for 2020 was adopted. For the coming year, council meetings will remain on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Ordinances 11-2019 and 12-2019 dealing with outdoor storage in commercial and industrial zoning were also approved.

Council person Gloria Wilson then reported on the audit done annually. She remarked that everything needs to done through a bidding process to prevent any conflict of interest for councilmen or city staff.

Next, council person Leesa Miller announced that she has decided to accept the four-year term that she was elected to.

Mayor Leonard Norton then reported that Huntington City had credits with the Local Government Trust Funds applied to liability insurance and workman’s compensation. These credits are for safety in the workplace of city employees. He also thanked the council and staff for their assistance during his health-related absence.

Mayor Norton then requested that if anyone knew of a family that needs assistance during the holiday season, they should inform the city. He appreciated that the Main Street construction has been completed and most of the Christmas decorations have been placed.

Chase Majors from the fire department reported a busier-than-usual month with several fires. He also reported that the ISO surveys graded their department at 5.5x with 10 being the worst and 1 the best. The department has designed a three-year plan to raise its standing. Majors also assured the council that the station was being readied for the city’s Christmas party.

Council members reported the annual turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning will be hosted at the walking path with registration at 6:45 a.m. and a start time of 7 a.m. The Christmas dinner will be on the first Wednesday of December at the fire station. Tree lighting has been set for Nov. 30 at 6 p.m. and donuts and hot chocolate will be served.

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