Huntington City Council Meeting Report


Huntington City council members met Wednesday night to discuss various proposals.

They started off the meeting with Council member Mark Justice explaining the proposal for curb and gutter in the city. There were around 16 different places that needed it, and they were submitting the list to see what they could do.

They then discussed the possibility of Emery County purchasing the old fire station in Huntington, and possibly making it into a parking lot for the Senior Citizens. Some council members agreed with the idea while others did not. “ I just put it on the agenda so that you knew why it wasn’t in the paper,” statedВ Mayor Gordon.В “I think we should see what they want, and what ideas they have in their head.”

Also approved was to follow through with the ordinance for the maximum height of head stones at the cemetery. They have had a few that have been taller than they should be, preventing the sprinklers to reach certain places. Councilmen came to the conclusion that they should follow through with the height requirements, unless a person asks the council for permission, at which time that individual should be required to pay for the cost of moving any sprinklers, if necessary.

Fire restrictions for the 24th were discussed. Because of the rain, it was decided to go with the three days before and the three days after rule for fireworks.  “Without the rains I think we would have had to keep the ban, but with the rains , we can lift it.”  Councilman Travis Larsen said.

Other items discussed were what to do with the water tanks at the south end of Huntington, and an access road to the new fire station.


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