Huntington City Council


Huntington City had their annual city council meeting on Wednesday at 7pm at Huntington City Hall.

Huntington Mayor Hilary Gordon opened Wednesday’s City Council meeting by thanking councilmen for all of their help during Heritage Days.

Gordon said, “Working together and communicating makes our city beautiful.”

Julie Jones said that the cemetery has some standing water on the North West corner of the old section that has caused some damage. This will require a French drain and will take some sod and dirt removal.

Jones assured councilmen that the dirt and sod would be replaced. She also revealed that next year’s Heritage Day’s theme would be “A Blast From the Past.”

Gordon informed the congregation that the fire station is supposed to be finished by the end of this year. The groundbreaking will start immediately after a building permit is acquired.

Gordon also revealed that the corner of 400 North and Main would see changes soon. The ground will either be sold for a business or developed as a park.

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