Huntington City Councilmen Discuss Business Assessment


Representatives from Emery County EconomicВ Development attended theВ HuntingtonВ City Council Meeting Wednesday to advise the city on a plan to help local businesses.

The plan would document the city by the different buildings and whether they are sound, moderate orВ dilapidated. The document would allow potentialВ businesses to see where they could start their business.

“As I was listening to the presentation this morning I thought it would be nice seeing where our town is and to have some documentation for Huntington,” said Mayor Hilary Gordon.

Councilmen tabled the item for further discussion.

Other notes from the meeting:

  • Councilmen discussed the removal of the outdoor fireplace at the city park. “You could keep what you have and put in barbecue pits also, but I think we should keep it,” said Councilman Mark Justice. Despite his comments, Councilmen decided to have it removed because it could be aВ potentialВ safety hazard.
  • Approval of curb and gutter construction from BK’s to Heritage Funeral Home which would cost an estimated $23,000. “It makes sense to put curb and gutter where there will be a sidewalk and if we don’t do it we will lose the $13,000 from UDOT,” Gordon said.
  • Lastly, the items of water share fees, invoices for wall contractors, and city budget, were discussed.
Huntington City Council will next meet June 20.



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