Huntington City Finds Itself in a Very Unusual Situation


By Julie Johansen

Eight months ago, Huntington City lost Mayor Lamar Guymon because of a very untimely death. Since that time, two councilmen have also passed away unexpectedly, including councilmen Joe Ward and Kelly Oveson.

Oveson passed away in July and the city posted and advertised to fill his vacancy. Lesa Miller, a present council member, was the only application received by the city. She stated that she applied upon request by Oveson. At a special council meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 7, Miller was approved unanimously to fill that midterm vacancy, which will end Dec. 31, 2021.

Now, Huntington City will accept applications until Aug. 20 to fill the vacancy left by Miller. This position will be only for four months as her term expires on Dec. 31. This appointee will not be able to run for election as it is too late for filing.

Miller has filed to run for office in the upcoming election and, if she is victorious, she can choose which term she wishes to fill. These actions have left questions and uncertainty as to legality of the situation. The city has received advice from the Lt. Governor’s office as well as attorney David Church.

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