Huntington City Not Immune to Recent Rash of Culinary Water Pricing Issues


The Huntington City Council worked their way through a complex agenda at their meeting this week.

One of the main concerns the council discussed at the meeting matched that currently being faced by councils in East Carbon and Sunnyside– water prices. Mayor Hilary Gordon revealedВ  that the city isВ  taking in less revenue for culinary water than they are charging the citizens.

In order to rectify the situation, they are considering adding $2 to the base rate for culinary water. They may also add $2 to sewer bills and $1 to garbage services. Because of last year’s increases, the rate proposals would not apply to those who live outside of city limits. Final decisions on the rate increases will be made at next month’s meeting.

A bit a good news came for Huntington citizens with the announcement that the city will now allow residents to keep their secondary water hook-ups without losing them even when they are not in use, for an annual payment of 25$ per year.

The council also revealed that they hope to have their new fire station finished by the end of the summer.

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