Huntington City Welcomes 4 New Businesses


By Julie Johansen

As the Huntington City Council meeting began last week, Councilman Judd Beagley asked the council for acceptance of the annual audit report. The report, completed by Doug Rasmussen with Smuin, Rich and Marsing, stated that the records complied in all respects and there were no identified deficiencies. Beagley, who serves on the city audit committee, thanked the office staff for the great job they do for the city.

The city’s zoning administrator then presented four new business licenses for the council’s approval. This included All Season Handyman Services at 435 North Main, owned by Victor and Michelina Martinez; Beeny’s Apparel online services at 283 East 300 North; Courageous Lives equine rescue and suicide prevention, owned by Jeannie Carter; and ET Rental Properties at 55 South and 300 East, owned by Theron Grange. These licenses were all approved by the council.

Terry Bennett, a MECCA bike club representative, next requested a sponsorship donation for a festival on April 28 and 29. She told the council that Buckhorn Resort is acting as a host and co-sponsor of the event. The council felt that since the festival is happening in Huntington, the city should be a gold donor. The council pledged $500 to the event.

Discussion on hiring a new city attorney was next on the agenda. The attorney the city is considering is a former county resident now residing on the Wasatch Front, but she has expressed interest in serving Huntington. Although the city has not received a proposal with specific information, the council was interested in securing these services.

Next, Ordinance 1-20-23 was amended. This ordinance addresses the type of vaults and markers allowed at the city cemetery. The ordinance now states that the type of vaults used must be approved by the city. This would allow the mortuary company to begin using the new poly vaults. It also changed the wording on markers from sod level to ground level.

Bids were then opened on the new Utah Department of Transportation Safe Sidewalk project north of JN Auto. The low bid for the concrete was accepted. It was from B. Hansen Construction for $76,000, and funds will come from the city’s BC Road funds. The mayor reported that this would leave funds for future projects.

Notification was then given that April’s city council meeting will be changed to Tuesday, April 18. This is because the mayor, council and staff will be attending the Utah League of City and Towns meetings in St. George during the regular meeting time.

Mayor Leonard Norton next reported that Rocky Mountain Power will assist in replacing two power poles at the rodeo grounds following an accident that pulled some wires down. It was stated that master plan is needed for future growth at the grounds.

Huntington Fire Chief Chase Majors then thanked the council for its support during the recent push-in ceremony. He also reported attending different trainings with other firemen. The maintenance foreman then reported that the city shop has been repainted and reorganized and benches are being made for the new sidewalk north of town.

The Huntington Youth City Council is busy with plans for the Easter egg hunt on April 1 at 10 a.m. Councilman Beagley is meeting with a cyber security organization to learn how to protect city emails and IT equipment.

Councilwoman Lesa Miller said it is hard to find rodeo entertainment for the Heritage Days Rodeo, but other plans are moving forward. Councilman Tom Kay reported that there is a vacancy on the city’s planning and zoning board. The planning board met recently and reviewed the policy and code books. The zoning administrator said that leveling the ground near the rodeo grounds will increase parking for Heritage Days.

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