Huntington Crosswalk Labeled Dangerous by Citizens and Council Alike*Video*


By Sara Price

It’s school time again and those familiar yellow lights are flashing, warning drivers that young children are crossing the street. This year however, drivers have failed to heed warnings and bright red stop signs by buzzing through crosswalks. Some motorists have come close enough for children to reach out and touch the vehicle.

Children who rely on safe passage to and from school are clearly in danger and the situation is frustrating Huntington City Council members who are worried about the youngsters safety.

Since last weeks council meeting however, more drivers breaking the law have been pulled over. Council members want to add flags to the crosswalk cone to help catch the attention of drivers. They worry that drivers get tunnel vision and fail to notice little ones crossing the street.

Laws require drivers to yield right of way to pedestrians who have already entered the crosswalk. This includes the crossing guard who has the authority to stop traffic in order for children to safely cross the street. Drivers are not allowed to proceed until the crosswalk is completely empty and all pedestrians are safely on the sidewalk.

Recently a motorist captured on film, entered the crosswalk while the crossing guard was in the road. This is one such example of a driver not obeying the law. Drivers may not realize it, but they are endangering children who don’t always look before crossing the road and who may not be able to get out of a distracted drivers way 

Slow down, pay attention and be respectful to those crossing the street.

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