Huntington Elementary Presents a Western Melodrama


Mrs. McElprang’s second grade class at Huntington Elementary recently performed a comical reenactment of Jesse James and the Younger Gang.

During the performance, the students danced and sang several songs. The songs included “Cotton Eyed Joe,” “I Wanna Be A Cowboy Sweetheart,” “I Fought The Law and the Law Won,” and  “Happy Trails.”

Performers expressed a special thanks to Sandy McArthur and Stacey McElprang for costumes, Gwendolyn Nielson for signs, Marie Guymon Johnson, Paulene Sitterud and Breezie McElprang for music, Heidi McArthur for dances, Kristi Gilbert, Jesse Gilbert, Tiana McElprang, and Tom McElprang for props, Charlene Peacock and Dustin S.

The cast:
Roy Dodgers: Hayden Abrams
Gene Dautry: Alan Wacasey
Willy the Kid: Will Liddle
Sundance Boy: Tavyn Allred
Butch Lassiday: Braxton Butler
Jesse Rames: Juan Nunez
Frank Rames: Ryan Hotchkiss
Thomas Coleman Zunger: Rayden Ewell
Kitty Bussell: Aubrie McElprang
Chester Woode: Boden Christman
Marshall Tillon: Porter Hurdsman
Clint Yeastwood: Will Jeffs
John Vayne: Stace Gilbert
Maureen O’Kara: Coni Leyva
Grace Telly: Macie McArthur
Bridget Cardot: Katelyn Nielson
Amanda Slake: Sarahi Olivas
Calamity Lane: Vielka Acosta
Annie Yoakley: Jaselynn Stansfield
Dale Bevans: Shaynee Fox


ervice, Clif McElprang, Pete McElprang, Garth Johnson for special help, and a thanks to teachers and staff.


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