Huntington Elementary Puts On Week-Long Book Fair


Last week at Huntington Elementary, students enjoyed a Scholastic book fair that went from Monday through Friday.

Before it started, the librarian had all of the kids make a monster poster for the monster book fair. To get them excited, the librarian then drew out about 10 of the students’ names for prizes.

Each night after school, students would have a sucker pull. The students pay $.50, and at the bottom of the sucker there was either a black, blue or red mark. If students got a black mark, they received a book, if it was blue, they got a pen and if they got a red mark, they received a notebook or ruler. All week, students won prizes to keep the book fair going and to keep them excited.

Parent-teacher conference was Wednesday night, so the parents were able to come and look at books between speaking with teachers.

Kids were given a chance to buy books and grandparents were invited to a free breakfast with the kids. Sponsored by the librarian, the event aimed to encourage reading and to give grandparents an opportunity to buy books for their grandkids. Many of the local schools have book fairs, and Huntington Elementary does its book fair at least once a year, sometimes twice.

The small profit from the book fair goes to help with activities the librarian is in charge of called accelerated reader parties. The money helps fund the materials, games and gifts to help motivate the students to read more.

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