Huntington Fire Training Instructs County Firefighters *Photo Gallery*


By Julie Johansen

The Utah Fire Rescue Academy came to Huntington recently to instruct a fire school hosted by the Huntington City Fire Department. Firefighters from six different departments in Emery County attended.

Attendees learned the warning signs of impending flashover in a live burn trailer. There were firefighters that learned how to gain access through multiple types of doors, windows and garage doors in the forcible entry class. A leadership class called rural incident commander was another course where they learned how to be an incident commander in emergency situations.

Huntington Fire Chief Chase Majors extended his appreciation to all of the firefighters that attended the training. He remarked, “Have you ever thought of being a firefighter? Your community needs your help. If you are interested, please contact your local city hall. Every firefighter unit needs help.”

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