Huntington Heritage Days Celebration Will Look a Little Different This Year


Huntington kicked off their Heritage Days celebration Monday night with a variety of activities. People began to set up their booths, including a Relay for Life booth and a Panda Express booth. They had an Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader competition, Huntington’s Got Talent and a dinner for five bucks a plate.

The announcement was made Saturday that Heritage Days will be missing one of the town’s favorite parts of the day, the fireworks. The fireworks were banned in a meeting involving the Emery County Sheriff’s office, Emery County Commissioners, Huntington Mayor and Council and the Huntington City Fire Chief. They decided to cancel the annual Heritage Day Fireworks Show because of the four wild fires within 50 miles of the city. Further, aerial fireworks have been banned within the city until further notice. Utah Governor Herbert previously banned all fireworks outside the city limits.

“We need you to give up your fireworks this year not your money,” stated Commissioner Nelson, who also commented that next year the fireworks will be “the best you have ever seen–if there is moisture.”

The night of July  from 9:30-11:00 p.m. they have invited residents to gather at the city park to light fireworks under the protection of the fire department. Huntington’s fire chief said they will allow kids to burn sparklers and the fireworks on the ground because it will be in a contained area.

He also said, “It will be a good party with everyone together to finish up Heritage Days at the park.”

He reminded residents that they can save fireworks they have already purchased for next year. It is a class B misdemeanor to ignore this order and if ignored can be punished by up to six months in jail and up to 1,000 dollar fine.

The activities for the next two days are as follows:

July 3rd Pet Contest 5:00 pm Park
July 3rd Baby Contest 6:00 pm Park
July 3rd Mecca Bike Ride 7:00 pm Park
July 3rd Free Ice Cream Social 7:30 pm Park
July 3rd No Limits Music and Dance 7:30 pm Park

July 4th Breakfast 7:00 am Park
July 4th Patriotic Program 8:00 am Park
July 4th Flag Ceremony 8:00 am Park
July 4th Kid’s Parade 9:30 am Park
July 4th Main Parade 10:00 am Park
July 4th No Limits 11:30 am Park
July 4th Hypnotist Mont Dutson 2:00 pm Park
July 4th Free Kids Rides All Day Park
July 4th DUP Exhibit All Day Old Town Hall
July 4th Horseshoe Tournament 6:00 pm Rodeo Grounds
July 4th Haywire Band 8:00 pm Jr. High
July 4th Fireworks Dusk City Park


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