Huntington Resident Dies after Accident on Gentry Mountain


Deputies from the Emery County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to an accident on Gentry Mountain at 7:06 p.m.В November 21.

When rescue crews arrived on location it wasВ apparent a one-ton Chevrolet pickup had gone off the road and down a 150-foot embankment. Sheriff Greg Funk described the terrain as “treacherous.”

“We sent our rope responder rescue crew to climb down the embankment, but it was too late, the victim was pronounced dead on the scene,” he said.

Forty-six-year-old Jordan Hatch was on Gentry Mountain with a friend and had a cattle rack attatched to his truck with two horses inside. As he began his decent down the mountain road, which Funk described as “steep and very wash-boardy,” Hatch lost control of his vehicle. The truck rolled at least once down the road before it rolled down the embankment. Funk said the person who had been on the mountain with Hatch came down the road soon after and found Hatch’s dogs and stopped to pick them up. As he continued down the road, he found the cattle rack with the horses and saw where Hatch had gone off the road. Hatch had been ejected from the vehicle and suffered fatal injuries. One of the horses perished in the accident as well.

Funk describes the accident as unfortunate and attributes the cause to the cattle rack and road conditions. Funk attributes the extent of Hatch’s injuries to not wearing a seat belt.

“An unexpected death such as this rocks a community,” Funk said. “We need everyone to band together and continue their support of the Hatch family during this time of need.”

The family extends their gratitude to all rescue workers and personnel who assisted in the rescue efforts.

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