Huntington to Raise Burial Plot Prices?


Huntington City Councilmen discussed Wednesday the possibility of raising burial plot prices in an effort to keep more of the plots for Huntington citizens.

Reports indicated that people from outside the area were purchasing plots because they were so cheap. Plots for “out-of-towners” cost $50 more than plots for Huntington residents.

Councilmen decided to review new pricing guides and discuss the matter during the December or January council meeting.


  • Huntington City Hall was in the middle of a technology upgrade designed to help save paper and other resources. A projector, monitors, cables, a screen and more will be part of the upgrade.
  • Replacement garbage cans are available to Huntington residents for a $35 fee. Second trash receptacles can be rented for $3 per month. Contact City Hall for more details.
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