Hurricane Sandy Provides Utahns a Reminder to be Prepared


With Hurricane Sandy pounding the northeast, Governor Gary R. Herbert reminds all Utahns about the importance of being prepared for any potential local emergency.

“Our hearts and prayers are with the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. It’s a tragic situation with devastating outcomes,” said the Governor. “Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, it stands as a poignant reminder for all to prepare your families for whatever might happen. We do not know when the next wind storm, flood, wildfire, or-worst case scenario-major earthquake may hit. But, with winter snow around the corner, please ask yourself, ‘Is my family ready?'”

Tips for families to be ready include the following:

. В  В  В  В  Make a Plan – In the case a family is separated when disaster strikes, a plan is needed to know how to contact each other, meeting places, escape routes, what children need to do, etc.

. В  В  В  В  Get a Kit – When preparing for a possible emergency situation, it’s best to think first about the basics of survival: Shelter, water, food, clean air and warmth. Create a kit for the home and a smaller, lightweight version that can easily be transported.

. В  В  В  В  Be Informed – Utah can experience a variety of disasters from heavy winter storms to wildfires. Be informed on the potential risks with each likely disaster that could affect where you live. The more informed Utahns are, the more ready the State will be for the unexpected.

. В  В  В  В  Get Involved – In addition to preparing for the unexpected, there are great opportunities to reach out to neighbors and community. When neighbors and communities are prepared, the quicker the recovery process will be when the unexpected occurs.

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