“I Would Rather Eat Bugs Than Do Drugs”


By Kristi Maxwell

Students with the Governing Youth Council (GYC) from Emery High School performed a skit at Cottonwood Elementary on Wednesday. The skit was to teach the students to just say “no” to drugs.

The GYC is a positive and educational youth group in the community that plans and coordinates drug free activities to promote positive youth lifestyles. The program was originally formed in 1982 by then Utah Governor Scott Matheson to provide direct input to what works for substance abuse prevention and what is needed for the students of Utah to stay drug free.

The GYC strives to unite youth through promoting general awareness concerning alcohol, tobacco, violence, safety and challenges they face in order to live healthier lifestyles.

Cottonwood students participated in a game show with the Governing Youth Council called “Common Sense and Good Judgment.” Students were called upon to answer questions such as “Does smoking make you cool?” and “If you did drugs, would you be able to do well in sports?” Students that made good decisions with their answers were given a prize.

The students of the GYC at Emery High are Alexis Hall, Makaila Clark, Spencer Fauver, Devin Willson and Zachery Fauver.

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