Ideas, Values and Resources Discussed During Community Input and Assessment Meeting


A meeting of minds came together at the Southeast Utah Health Department on Friday afternoon as representatives from many businesses, groups and entities came together for a health discussion.

This community input meeting was hosted by the Southeast Utah Health Department in conjunction with the statewide Community Health Needs Assessment Collaborative, the Utah Department of Health and other various health organizations as well as non-profit agencies.

Similar meetings are being hosted throughout Utah with one taking place just one day prior in Moab. The main focus is to ensure that there is good data and current assessments for each area of the state to better care for their populations.

Representatives from Carbon County Tourism, the Association of Local Governments (AOG), Wellington City Council, local media, Castleview Hospital, USU Eastern nursing, Intermountain Health, the local health department, Castle Country Pregnancy Resource Center and more were present and ready to discuss three main topics: mental health and suicide prevention, prescription drug (and other drug) abuse, and obesity.

Through discussion, it was easily discovered that these three issues are often linked and that each of them have a heavy stigma surrounding them, making it difficult for those that are suffering to be encouraged to reach out and admit that they are in need of assistance.

Access to healthcare in the area, availability to drugs, a need for more recreation, possible lacks in education and more were all brought up and heavily discussed between the many parties.

A conclusion to the gathering came when the question, “What can we do to stop it?” was asked. While there is not definitive answer as to how to end these stigmas in the area and best assist those suffering, this meeting was only a stepping stone in the process.

Everyone’s answers will be brought into consideration, discussed largely and grouped into possible solutions and resources for those that are in need.

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