Ignite Basketball Adds to Win Column

Press Release
Ignite Basketball is now 9-1 overall and 2-0 in league play. Ignite is in the AAU Utah Valley Region.
The first games for the league took place on Saturday where Jordan Ekker earned AAU Payer of the Week, notching 35 points against Club Utah South and 28 points in the matchup against Club Utah Elite. Ekker is averaging 26.3 PPG for Ignite along with 6.5 rebounds per game. Despite not having key players on Saturday, including Riley Wilson, Brax Jensen and Seth Justice, Ekker still managed to get Ignite on the right page to beat Club Utah South 58-51 and Club Utah Elite 49-47.
Ignite also won the Presidents Day tournament last month, beating three teams (48-37, 89-44, 50-47) and winning the championship game against Mayhem Basketball by a score of 79-65.
Coaches Tyler Carlisle and Isaac Olmstead are planning on taking the team to Denver, Colo. in June and are very excited about this team.
“The offensive shooting from Riley, Ekker, Brax, Jaxson and Seth is lights out, Olmstead said. “Along with help from Taio, Jordan Thomas and Jabari Griffin on defense, we are a top gun team.”
Ignite will host a tournament on April 26 and 27 called the T.C. West Invitational. Game sites and times have not be decided but will be posted soon. Ignite will have league games on April 20 against Pleasant Grove Basketball and Timpanogos Select.
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