In Your Backyard: Joe’s Valley Reservoir


Photo courtesy of Tanya Armitage Cilli

In last week’s edition of ETV 10’s “In Your Backyard” series, the featured landmark/destination was Joe’s Valley Reservoir.

Located approximately 23 miles from Huntington, the famous reservoir is sure to please all. The lake is famous to anglers due to the large tiger muskies that lurk below in the reservoir. Water recreationists and boaters also love the lake.

The reservoir is located next to the Joe’s Valley Campground and is approximately 1,192 acres. The eastern dam was created between 1963 and 1965 by the United States Bureau of Recreation. The dam reaches a height of 192 feet and is up to 750 feet long.

Not only do tiger muskies call this reservoir home, but large splake, cutthroat trout and tiger trout do as well. In fact, anglers have caught trophy splake weighing up to 16 pounds.

Nearby attractions not only include camping but also bouldering opportunities in Straight and Cottonwood Canyons. Roads beginning at Joe’s Valley Reservoir can also lead individuals up to Grassy Lake, Pete’s Hole and Potter’s Pond, just within 10 miles. A 370-mile Arapeen Off-Highway Vehicle Trail can also be accessed directly from the Reeder Trailhead.

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