In Your Backyard: The Green River


Photo courtesy of Destiny Basso

In last week’s edition of ETV 10’s “In Your Backyard” series, the featured landmark/destination was the Green River.

Beginning in the high Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, the Green River flows through the south into Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Utah, collides with the Uintah Mountains and combines with the Yampa River. After going through the Split Mountains and the Dinosaur National Monument, the famous river combines with Desolation Canyon in Eastern Utah near the town of Green River.

Centuries ago, the Green River was called the Seeds-kee-dee-Agie or the Prairie Hen River by the Shoshone Indians. Later, the Sapinard and Mexican explorers named the river the Rio Verde, or the Green River.

The Green River is Utah’s major stream as 450 of 730 miles resides in the Beehive State. While traveling through Utah, the river drops from an elevation of approximately 6,000 feet above sea level at Flaming Gorge Reservoir to about 3,000 feet as it combines with the Colorado River.

The Green River offers a wide range of beauty, fishing, river rafting, nature and much more.

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