Indoor Pool to Receive Upgrades on Tax Payer Dime


Desert Wave Pool received an estimate for competitive starting blocks and PVC liner for the indoor pool, and the Carbon County School District and Price City would foot the bill.

The starting blocks, estimated at $39,795, would be covered by the School District. Price City would pick up the $50,950 tab for the PVC liner.

Because Price City only budgeted $25,000 for the project, the remaining balance would be taken from the General Fund or the ZAP Tax.

The upgrades were necessary so the pool could host competitive swim meets.

Authorization for the project would be requested at the next Price City Council meeting. The pool would be drained for approximately one month for the renovation starting in February of 2012.

Councilmen would also need to consider purchasing two automated chemical controllers to replace the old units. Each new unit would cost approximately $5,700. The new models would provide a much more efficient and effective monitoring and safety system.

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