Information Updated on Local Missing Man


The Price City Police Department (PCPD) released an update on local missing citizen, Guadalupe (Lupe) Molinar.

“We are in desperate need of the public and media’s help in locating Lupe,” said the PCPD.

The Carbon County Search and Rescue conducted a large search of the wash that is located near Molinar’s residence as it was reported that he may have had plans to build himself a shelter next to the river. This search was conducted both on foot and in air via drone.

It was stated that the terrain is very rough, dense and muddy. Molinar was not located and though officials cannot be certain, there was not evidence found that indicated that Molinar had been in the area.

Molinar often walks along Highway 6 and Carbon Avenue and does not drive a motor vehicle. There is a chance, according to the PCPD, that Molinar may have been picked up by an individual that could be unaware that he has been reported missing.

On Oct. 12, a Sliver Alert was issued, however, no tips or information that has been validated has been received and Molinar has not been seen since Oct. 8.

Carbon County residents are being asked to check their property, including outlying buildings, sheds and the like. Due to the recent cold weather, there is a chance that Molinar may have found a more secure location to be away from the harsh conditions.

“Because of his diminishing mental state, Lupe may have become disoriented and unable to find his way back home,” the PCPD shared.

Any that are willing to help are being urged to scour outlying wooded areas, desert and along the wash that may be less frequently traveled. Those that are looking in remote areas and places near the wash are being cautioned to not travel alone and be well-equipped for the terrain.

“We are still hopeful Lupe is safe and with a friend or picked up by motorist and we need your help sharing this information so hopefully it reaches someone who may be with Lupe or seen him since Friday,” the PCPD advised.

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