Inquiries Brought to Wellington City Council


The Wellington City Council meeting began last Wednesday with a city resident approaching the council in regard to her neighbor’s property. According to the resident, her neighbor was given permission from the council in the past to reside in a trailer until his home was built, informing the council that he would break ground in May.

She wished to inform the council that the ground has still not been broken and that her neighbor does not seem to have a building permit acquired. The council was requested to review the situation and discover some solutions to the problem. Wellington City Mayor Brad Timothy assured the resident that a joint effort would be made between the city and local law enforcement.

Nick Parker then joined the council for discussion, beginning with employee perks and incentives. He suggested to the council that all of the incentives be written and added to the Wellington City employee handbook. It was also stated that there is a new rule that all employees must pay the established fees to use rental facilities.

Parker also raised the question of why he was being charged for secondary water while also having to pay for his canal shares yearly. Mayor Timothy explained that many residents must do this, since they have more shares than other residents. He also explained that secondary water must be paid, even if it is not used at the residence.

Councilwoman Bethany Perea then asked her fellow council members if it was possible for the regularly-scheduled Wednesday evening meetings to be changed to Thursdays from the beginning of September through the end of the year. This request is due to Councilwoman Perea attending EMT classes, which will fall on the same evening as the current city council meeting schedule.

With this in mind, the change in the city council dates was made for the aforementioned amount of time.

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