UPDATE: Inside Job? Weekend Break-In at Carbon Rec Leaves Staff Wondering


Sometime between Friday night and Monday evening someone broke a basement window at the Carbon Recreation Offices and walked away with cash, checks and equipment worth a considerable amount of money.

The break-in was discovered by staff who went into the basement for a scheduled class and noticed how cold it was Tuesday morning. Upon checking for the source, they discovered the broken window and called Price City Police.

Officer Brian Judd responded to the call at approximately 2100 hours. Officers Tracy Allred and Susan Hyde also arrived on scene to help with the investigation.

The thief or thieves spent considerable time in the building going through locked cabinets, ultimately dragging the safe to a back room where they used tools to pry it open.

The person involved seemed to know what and where to look for things as they roamed the building. The intruder may have also known the quality of some items, taking two cameras and spotting scopes while leaving one of each behind. Binoculars, navigation systems and laptops were also among the missing items.

Carbon County Recreation Director Steve Christensen also reported a personal camera and 50 mm camera lens were taken from his desk.

The staff, including Frank Ori was livid as they processed the situation. They speculated that with items stolen and the fact the suspect(s) seemed to know their way around the building, that it might be someone who is familiar with Carbon County Recreation. At this time there are no suspects being named.

“Makes me sick that some SOB would do this,” Ori stated emphatically. “We will find you and prosecute you to the full extent of the law.”

As of Wednesday evening, Price City Police Chief Kevin Drolc stated there were no leads to the weekend break-in at the Carbon Recreation offices. Even with no suspects at this time Price City PD is working very hard to solve this crime. Many of the items stolen have registered serial numbers and that may prove the key to finding the perpetrators.


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