Intermountain Electronics Celebrate Groundbreaking Ceremony for Upcoming Expansion


The drastic change in weather was braved by many on Wednesday afternoon as individuals gathered at the Intermountain Electronics (IE) expansion location at 1511 South Highway 6 in Price to celebrate their groundbreaking ceremony.

Employees of IE were encouraged to join in with the community members, city and state officials and members of the media at this ceremony. It began with Carbon County Commissioner Larry Jensen welcoming all before turning the time over to Senator David Hinkins. Sen. Hinkins spoke on the war on coal and the importance of keeping jobs in Carbon and Emery counties.

He also touched on the great job that IE does and how they are well-known nationwide with a great reputation backing them. Phil Blackburn, CEO of IE, then took the microphone to say a few words.

Blackburn stated that they have been overwhelmed with all of the support and personally thanked Rita Vigor, Carbon County Economic Development Specialist, as well as Commissioner Jensen for being so dedicated from day one. He spoke on IE’s core values and how the employees that they currently have were a big motivator to remain in the area for the expansion.

“It really is a representation of the quality of people we have,” Blackburn stated.

He then thanked all that have been involved in every detail, down to the one responsible for obtaining the shovel for the day’s groundbreaking, concluding by stating that the facility has really been built by the employees. Following Blackburn, a representative of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development touched on the project impacting the entire region and his gratitude to all involved.

Finally, the time came for the aforementioned shovels to be put to use. Two separate groups were welcomed to the shovels at two different times to be a part of the special occasion. Below, examples can be viewed of the hard work that Intermountain puts in each day, as well as an example photo of what the new building should look like.

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