International Days Celebration Extension Approved


Price City Councilman Layne Miller, who is also acting as the Chairman of the International Days Committee for 2023, spoke with his fellow council members on Wednesday regarding a possible extension for the event.

He began by explaining that during the final committee meeting of 2022, the idea was presented to extend International Days to four days, which would have it beginning on the first Wednesday of August and finishing on Saturday. There was a lot of discussion, according to Councilman Miller, with many stating that it would be beneficial for the vendors.

The benefit would be the availability of setting up a day early and having the extra time to sell merchandise. While the committee ultimately approved this idea, they failed to bring it to the council for a final decision.

The inaugural committee meeting for 2023 was hosted last week and the topic was raised once again. It was agreed that the idea would be brought the council to possibly receive approval. Councilman Miller also explained that the rest of the schedule would remain the same, with the opening ceremony and concert hosted on Thursday evening and the live entertainment beginning on Friday.

The only downside that was brought up was that it would create one more day of responsibility for city employees. Miles Nelson of Price City Public Works recommended approving the extension for one year only and then evaluating the response.

That way, if the extension does not prove beneficial, it could be re-evaluated. Miles stressed that this would extra work and time for the parks department and other city workers. Ultimately, this suggestion was approved by the council.

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