International Days Committee Meets for Updates


ETV News Stock Photo by Traci Bishop

The International Days Committee held their monthly meeting on May 14 to discuss everything International Days.

The committee went through each activity to make sure that things were on track as they should be and to confirm dates and times for each event.

Voting for the Grand Marshall and Citizen of the Year is still underway, with a few candidates already having been nominated. The Grand Marshall and the Jr. Grand Marshall will be at the open ceremonies, as well as both the Grand Parade and the Kid’s Parade.

Price City Event Coordinator, Megan Marshall, discussed the push in outside advertising. Marshall stated the use of digital billboards outside of the area has been a great way to spread the word, as the billboards are able to provide very specific analytics.

Marshall mentioned that, ultimately, word of mouth, posters and social media are still the best ways to advertise for International Days.

It was discussed that this year’s drone show will be even bigger this year. Last year, there were 100 drones and this year, there will be 150 drones. Intermountain Electronics and Price AutoFarm are sponsoring the majority of the drone show, with the remaining coming out of the International Days fund.

The previous year’s sponsor for “Breakfast in the Park” has stated that unfortunately, due to staffing issues, they will be unable to sponsor and host “Breakfast in the Park” this year. The committee will be on the look out for a new sponsor to host the event.

Members of the committee were excited to announce that a few different international bands had been invited to this year’s event, to bring music in from around the world.

The committee does not currently have anyone to sing the National Anthem, which will be filmed by Fox 13 News.

Chairman Joe Christman mentioned that they are always in need of sponsors, so if any of the committee members knew of anyone who may be interested, to let him know.

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