Intersection at 100 East and Main Street in Price to Become Two-Way Stop


Press Release

For many decades, the intersection at 100 East Main in Price has been controlled by a four-way traffic signal. Over the years, the signal has deteriorated, and it became no longer possible to maintain the traffic lights there because of outdated systems and the inability to obtain replacement parts when needed.

Replacement of the traffic signal would be extremely expensive and initial cost estimates exceed $200,000. Price City elected officials and public works employees began looking for a solution. The antiquated traffic signal was removed and the intersection was temporarily made into a four-way stop.

Jones and DeMille Engineering was contracted to conduct a traffic engineering study of the intersection, which occurred in late January. Their scientific analysis concluded and recommended, within current traffic usage guidelines, that the intersection be controlled with two stop signs, north and south, and that east and west bound traffic should be flow freely.

A number of citizens have contacted Price City elected officials and employees with invaluable suggestions on how to make the intersection safer.

City elected officials, in response to citizen input, as well as the confirmation of the scientific engineering study, have directed the north and south two-way stop sign controls be implemented.

Price City Public Works employees will begin work on the project immediately. The east and west bound stop signs will be removed and the north and south bound stop signs will be maintained, along with additional north and south bound lane painting markings being added.

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