Interview with Katherine Slater, the Debate Coach at Emery High


By Kylee Willis, Emery High Journalism Student

Katherine Slater has been coaching debate at Emery High for five years. She is a devoted teacher and debate coach. The journalism team interviewed her about coaching debate. 

How did you get into debate? My mother forced me to do debate and drama when I was a sophomore because I had stage fright. Later, Carbon High School needed a coach and I was the only one with experience. I asked for a couple days to think about it, and that day, they said I was the coach, so I actually never expected it, so basically I’m an accidental debate coach.

What event do you think the debate team is doing the best at this year? Right now, it changes year to year, but right now policy and pf. Last year, I would’ve said policy and extemp were our strong areas.

How do you think the team will do at region? I don’t know. We’re rebuilding this year, but we’ve done very well this year, better than I expected, so I think we should definitely get top three.

Katherine Slater is very excited to see how the debate team will do this year and has very high hopes for them. We wish them luck on their last tournaments.

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