Introduction of Rural Online Initiative Given to Green River City Council


Representatives from the Rural Online Initiative explain the program to Green River City Council members.

Green River hosted its monthly city council meeting on Tuesday evening.

The meeting began with representatives from the Rural Online Initiative presenting the program. The Rural Online Initiative was funded in March of 2018 and signed by Governor Gary Herbert. The mission of the initiative is to provide Utah’s rural workforce with education and resources to prepare for, find and obtain remote work opportunities.

The types of virtual jobs available are essentially any job that uses a computer as its primary tool, such as writing, web design, graphic design, education, etc. The Rural Online Initiative program provides participants with the following start-to-finish experience: application, placement, training, skills and development.

The program is offered free to 15 rural counties throughout Utah. Those that wish to continue growing their skills can also be offered reasonably-priced classes to continue education and expand job skills. The next class is scheduled for the first week of March and citizens of rural communities are encouraged to sign up for free at

Other items discussed at the meeting included GRIT’s (Green River Improvement Team) spring and fall clean up campaigns, bonuses for two new Emery County deputies and upgrading the John Wesley Powell Museum’s phone and internet systems.

The next Green River City Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 12 at 7 p.m.

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