Investigation Underway for Recent Price Main Street Break-In


Just prior to Christmas day, Edgy Bling, a clothing and accessories store located on Price’s Main Street, suffered a break-in.

Price City Police Department Sergeant Kelly Maynes stated that the perpetrator(s) broke in to the business through the back alleyway. A “considerable amount” of funds was stolen from the business in the form of the weekly deposit.

Adjacent businesses to Edgy Bling had installed security cameras in the back alley and Sgt. Maynes stated that the department is currently reviewing the videos.

Maynes also stated that the business was closed and unoccupied at the time of the burglary.

Those that may have information pertaining to the case, including the identity of the burglars, are encouraged to contact Sgt. Maynes at the police department by calling (435) 636-3190.

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