Irrigation Company to Abandon Orangeville Canal System


Many citizens have voiced concerns about the possible effect on the flood plain around Orangeville as Cottonwood Creek Consolidated Irrigation Company transitions to the new sprinkler system.

The irrigation company will abandon all rights of way and easements of the canal system and stop maintenance as well. Clyde Magnuson, president of Cottonwood Creek Consolidated Irrigation Company, stated that with the new sprinkler system, there is no longer a need for the canals but there may be some situations where there could be problems in the future.

One landowner commented that it has the potential to create large problems. They also stated that while in the planning stage, the irrigation company should have come up with a solution. “I have lived here all my life and I have seen some bad floods,” the landowner said.

Emery County Commissioner Jeff Horrocks stated that the county is going to try to hang onto the easements and work toward a solution to maintain the canals to prevent future flooding.

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