Is Carbon Free Power the New Future?


Prior to the Price City Council meeting on Wednesday evening, a special workshop was hosted concerning the Carbon Free Power Project. The public was invited to attend and learn more about the project.

Doug Hunter from Utah Associated Power Municipal System (UAMPS) and Chris Colbert from NuScale Power were present at the meeting and explained the details of the project.

Carbon Free Power is a project Price City has been considering for some time as members of UAMPS. The project focuses on energy efficiency and finding different power sources with the decline of power plants in the state of Utah.

UAMPS is investigating the possibility of building a Small Modular Nuclear Reactor plant using technology provided by NuScale Power. The design is a 50 megawatt, pressurized water reactor and high pressure steel containment, referred to as the NuScale Power Module (NPM). Twelve NPMs, each with its own dedicated steam turbine generator, could be combined in a single 600 megawatt power plant that is safer than existing designs, cost competitive, reliable and affordable. A preferred site for this plant would be located near Idaho Falls, Idaho.

If this particular plant will not be in Carbon County, let alone the state of Utah, what does it mean for Price City? As a member of UAMPS, Price City has the opportunity to buy into the project, purchasing six of the SMRS to receive an alternative source of power. However, the city is concerned about its ability to afford to contribute to all six of the reactors.

The city, along with Hunter and Colbert, began to discuss the possibility of reducing the number of reactors Price City bought into, reducing the cost for the city. There are currently no discussions or agreements concerning this option, but UAMPS was willing to explore the possibility.

During the regularly-scheduled council meeting, the council tabled the project, wanting to look further into the project and explore financial ramifications.

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