Is Your Business Ready for Change?


The Emery County Chamber of Commerce held their regular Lunch and Learn at Ferron City Hall on Wednesday. During the Luncheon business owner’s were asked if they had become a creature of habit.

Chamber President, Tyler Jeffs, welcomed the crowd to the Lunch and Learn, and announed that the business spotlight was Ty’s Cabinets.

Ty Jensen, owner of Ty’s Cabinets, along with his wife began their career paths as teachers in the Emery County area, but in 1996 Ty decided to take a risk and go into the business of making cabinets full-time. Ty loves his line of work and has been able to expand over the past sixteen years. In 2007 he was able to upgrade his machine base and is proud to offer low prices with a high quality product.Ty has now run out of room in his current facility, and will be opening in a larger location soon. Ty and his crew specialize in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, railings, and countertops and are here to serve the Carbon and Emery county area. Call Ty’s Cabinets for a free estimate at (435) 653-2467 or (435) 749-2467.

After Ty had an opportunity to address the crowd and answer questions, guest speaker Rob Powell professor of workforce education at USU-Eastern, took the podium addressing the concerns of business owners and the ever-changing world. Powell wanted to put business owner’s at ease when it came to the thought of doing things slightly different. Powell said that unwillingness to change or accept the unknown, is from the ability we as human’s have to form comfort zones. But Powell pointed out that when you become comfortable in your way of life you lose the ability to improve. Many business owners have suffered because of the damaged economy, or more competition, but Powell suggests that you open your world to change and reanalyze how you are doing business, how people know of your business and where you can improve. He asked all business owners to understand that the easier it is to be good, the more difficult it is to be great, that is why so many never reach their full potential. Open your world to change.

The next Emery County Lunch and Learn will be on January 16, 2013 at noon, the location will be announced at a later date.



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