Items of Interest Discussed at First 2016 Carbon County Commission Meeting


Several items of interest were discussed at the first Carbon County Commission meeting of 2016 on Wednesday evening.

One of the first things discussed is the decision that was made to allow Tami Ursenbach to create a committee that will bring businesses and other organizations together to discuss the different needs of the community. The group will be called the Informal Economic Development Committee. Whether it be through marketing or networking, Ursenbach stated that she would like to bring more businesses to the community. One of the key things that Ursenbach has been approached about is job training and what can be done to better it. The committee will not be a public body and would not be required to host public meetings.

Another item discussed by commissioners was the decision to use Jones & DeMille Engineering for the work on the soccer field that has been discussed at past meetings. The assignment order has already been decided for the work. The only concern commissioner Jae Potter had was that in the past they had to have work done on the senior citizen center and it saved everyone money by writing out in the contract that the county could choose who would make future changes and repairs. The final contract was then done by the county. The contract was approved by commissioners with the stipulation that the requirement explained by Potter be added.

The discussion for the improvement and paving of Hilltop Road is still ongoing. There are certain requirements that had been previously laid out by PRWID that haven’t been met yet and planning still needs to be done. The decision was made to keep the verdict of the improvement of the road open until all of the requirements are met. A 90-day continuation was granted.

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