Jan Jorgensen to Tackle Public Perception of Carbon Football


Turning a struggling sports team into a winning squad is no easy task. Newly named Carbon High football coach Jan Jorgensen is aware of the challenge that lies ahead.

Full of confidence, Jorgensen feels that things will begin to turn around even before the opening kick of the regular season. “It’s not going to be easy,” he confessed. “But I wouldn’t do it (coach) if it wasn’t possible.”

According to the new coach, Carbon football players are the most recognizable group in town. Players not only represent the school, they also represent the community.

Full of enthusiasm, Jorgensen vows to make the team into a strong, competitive unit that will turn heads locally and throughout the state. “We will represent Carbon County the way it should be represented,” he stated.

His plans to turn the team around have already begun. A recent parent/athlete meeting was conducted last week. At that time, Jorgensen explained his goals for himself and the Carbon football program. “The first goal is that everyone has a good experience playing,” he explained. “The second goal is to win games. The way we do that is through accountability and commitment, which needs to come from everyone. That includes coaches, players, parents and the community.”

With support from those involved directly with the football program and community members, Jorgensen feels that the players will have a reason to work hard and play for something more than mediocrity. “Players need to expect to win,” he said. “We need to build competitiveness and find ways to win.”

Steps have already been made in that direction. Jorgensen explained that next season’s coaching staff is manned by former Carbon High head coaches, all of whom he respects and feels will boost the team. “It’s a humbling experience to work with guys like my dad (Jeff Jorgensen), Troy Moynier and Ted Bianco,” he admitted. “They all coached me and I don’t want to let them down.”

Confident that the proper coaching staff is in place, the new head coach is looking at other ways of strengthening the football program. With 8-10 years of training knowledge, Jorgensen plans to implement a new way of training at Carbon High. “We need to train and play at a different, more advanced level,” he explained. “My goal is to make athletes, not just football players. This will benefit Carbon High athletics all the way around.”

Jorgensen is a former BYU defensive lineman who played on the school’s most winning teams for four consecutive years. Most recently, he has spent his time training and competing in mixed martial arts. Given his background, the Carbon coach feels that he brings a lot of athletic experience to the table.

After witnessing what works both on and off the field, he feels that he has the tools to get the Dino football program aimed in the right direction. “A change is needed to make momentum,” he said. “It comes down to a good product. A well coached team. I am confident that my staff and I can turn things around. We need to begin with fundamentals and build from there.”

Dedicated to Carbon football, Jorgensen explained that he will be around for awhile. Although he does not have any plans of giving up on his mixed martial arts career, he does promise to make the Dinos his top priority.

“I believe I can be successful at multiple things,” he expressed. “But if it comes down to making a decision between MMA fighting and coaching, I will pick football. I am 100% committed to this team.”

Commitment will be the main factor in the Dinos success. Jorgensen pledges to do his best at uniting coaches, players, parents, students and community members in support for a winning football program. A tough task that will only be accomplished if a community bands together.

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