Jeff Cisneros Named New Emery Boys’ Basketball Coach


According to reports, Jeff Cisneros has been named the new boys’ basketball coach at Emery High. Cisneros grew up in Emery County and graduated as a Spartan before eventually moving to Price.

Over the past two decades, Cisneros has coached all over Carbon County. He was the long-time American Legion coach in Helper and coached for a time in East Carbon. Cisneros has also coached both basketball and baseball at Carbon High School. He is still currently the baseball skipper and plans on continuing in that role with the Dinos while opening the new basketball chapter at Emery High.

When asked how he was going to manage two teams and two different schools, Cisneros responded that he received a lot of support from people from both Carbon and Emery to pursue the job. “I think people that know me, know that I won’t have an issue with it because they know I’ll give it my best,” he said.

Cisneros knows that he cannot appease everyone, but he is looking forward to the challenges ahead. “It’s exciting. It’s such a good program and one that I’ve been a part of as a player. I had quite a bit of support from people [in Emery County] that said they would like me to give it a shot.”

“As long as my guys know that I’m giving my best no matter what school they are from,” Cisneros said. “I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, if you give me your best, I’ll give you my best. I’ve already had kids text me and get a hold of me and ask what they should be doing.”

The current COVID-19 pandemic adds another wrinkle in the new coaching hire. Normally at this time, coaches will meet with their teams and plan summer practices and tournaments. “It’s a rough time to take over a program,” said Cisneros.

Cisneros concluded with one final thought. “What do these kids [go on and] do after high school? What kind of goals can I help them accomplish? That’s what it is all about to me.”

Cisneros’ hiring is currently pending school board review. Once that formality is addressed, ETV News will host a live interactive interview with the newly-named Emery Coach. Stay tuned for the date and time of that interview to join the discussion.

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